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  LIMITED EDITION, Rangers & Pioneers of Texas by Andrew Jackson Sowell, personalized

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Rangers & Pioneers of Texas by Andrew Jackson Sowell, personalized"> Rangers & Pioneers of Texas by Andrew Jackson Sowell, personalized"> Rangers & Pioneers of Texas by Andrew Jackson Sowell, personalized">
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About The Book
One of the most important  and authentic accounts of the pioneer experience in Texas.

"These incidents...have been gathered from sources most reliable, mostly from men and women whose names have as yet found no place in history. They bore the heat and burden of the day, and their deeds should live." - Andrew Jackson Sowell, 1884

415 pages. Limited edition of 254 hand-numbered copies. 

This is actually three books in one. The first part is stories of Texas pioneers and their hardships, as told to Sowell first hand. The second part is the adventures of Sowell's family during the Texas Revolution and the Republic Era. These two parts comprise the first half of the book. 

The final part, almost half of the book, is Ranger Sowell's recollections of the "Campaign of the Texas Rangers to the Wichita Mountains in 1871." This is probably the most historically accurate Texas Ranger narrative of them all. Sowell intended to write about the expedition before it ever set out. He kept good notes on exactly what happened and who did what.

The edition is limited to 254 copies...and yours will be personalized just for you.

From the book: 

"Some of the boys raised the sights on their carbines, to commence firing at long range, but the sergeant opposed it, telling the boys they would only waste their cartridges at that distance, and we had none to throw away. It is true, our guns would hold up that far, but then an Indian, with a shield, is hard to hit, even at short range, and at that distance, it would be almost impossible to hit him.

The men then commenced yelling, and daring the Indians, to see if they could draw them upon us. George Henson hung his hat on the pommel of his saddle, and tying a red silk handkerchief around his head rode up the ditch, yelling and waving his carbine; calling them cowards and dogs.

The chief then rode slowly down his line, and seemed to be saying something to the Indians. He then turned, and galloped back to his position, on the left of the line, which was nearest to us. "Boys," said Sergeant Cobb, suddenly looking around, "what do you say to a charge?" "All right, Ed," came from the rangers, "you lead the way, and we will follow."

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